Recarding from old ATM cards to new EMV chip-enabled cards

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1 on January 25, 2017
  • Does this recarding include clients with Value Savings accounts?
  • If yes to no. 1, can this be done at any branch or only at the branch where you opened the account?
  • Is the recarding free? If not, how much does one have to pay for the recarding?
  • Will the new EMV chip-enabled card be given on the very same day of recarding or will it be given at a later date?
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0 on January 25, 2017

Hi Ayee,

You can get the EMV Chip-enabled Maybank ATM Card when you open an ATM account in any Maybank branch.

If you are already an ATM accountholder with Maybank ATM Card, you can go to any Maybank branch to change your old card to the new EMV card for FREE.

The EMV card will be released depending on the branch.

Thank you and have a good day.

Maybank Philippines Inc.,

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